A fidelity bond, more commonly referred to as a commercial crime policy is written to protect an organization from the impact of dishonest acts of the organization's employees. There are other coverage parts now available but the primary insurance part is employee theft. Surety One offers broad forms for both domestic and international business operations, generally following the S.F.A.A. formats. A typical fidelity bond will offer:

  • Employee theft
  • Depositors forgery or alteration
  • Theft, disappearance and/or destruction of money and securities
  • Robbery and safe burglary
  • Computer Crime (theft, funds transfer fraud, etc.)
  • Counterfeit currency/money orders

The basic commercial crime coverage forms can be further broadened by negotiated endorsement. Do you have an "outside of the box" or "non-standard" fidelity risk? No problem. Do you need a special fidelity bond manuscripted for your particular need? No problem. We have an appetite!

Fidelity Bond Application